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New to co-packing? Here are some frequently asked questions we get on a regular basis.


What are the advantages of working with a copacker?

Working with a copacker is a convenient way to scale your business without the high initial investment in equipment, personnel, and certifications.


Leverage our expertise in manufacturing and packaging food to get your products to market quicker with increased efficiency and reduced waste. Let ReadyWise do the heavy lifting for you, while you focus on growing your brand.

What extra services does ReadyWise provide?

We are not just a co-packer or co-manufacturer. ReadyWise is a great partner for all of your business needs.

We offer extra services such as warehousing and logistics support. Our dedicated team can also streamline your operations by taking care of your fulfillment needs as well by shipping direct to your customer.

Ask our team about comprehensive solutions to reduce your risks and save you even more money by keeping all of your operations under one roof.

Will my recipe and production methods be held in confidence?

ReadyWise works very closely with clients that have specific recipe and production requirements. We take pride in keeping this information confidential.


As the first step in quoting any new project, we execute a standard mutual non-disclosure agreement between both parties that ensures your trade secret information is always protected.

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